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How to improve WordPress Security and the issues using WordPress you should be aware of:

Improve WordPress security:

If you own or considering using WordPress, be aware, WordPress is one of most popular CMS. With popularity comes many hackers and attacks.

With the daily attacks, They are unrelenting seeking ways to find  vulnerabilities of your wordpress website, including the plug-ins and your themes. One must constantly be aware of the importance security measures that once must take. 

Brute force attacks are done using trial and error batch jobs. Batch jobs are continuously entered random user names  and passwords against your website every minute and yes every second.  Hackers can easily send thousands of passwords to your website per minute.  That is scary if you think about it.

These attacks are after any way to gain access – including your most important file — wp-config.php. 

Don’t let these bad guys compromised or infect your website. 

We  here at OccHosting include daily malware and firewall pro-active search and destroy protection against hackers and malware attacks preventing customer loss.